How to purchase GUNPLA from Japan



How to purchase GUNPLA from Japan

This article is for you living in countries except Japan.

Purchasing GUNPLA issues

I think so many people are troubled with getting plastic models of your favorite robot, for example, Gundam, Votomz, L GAIM, or Macross.

In your countries there might be shops who import plastic models from Japan. Of course you can choose this way. However, sometimes you cannot get the item you want, but in Rakuten Ichiba web site, the item might be there.
I guess you feel like this, “Oh! If I’m living in Japan, I can purchase this!”

Let me introduce the way to get your favorite one directly from Rakuten.

What is Rakuten Ichiba ?

Rakuten Ichiba is one of the famous ec site in Japan. Umlike to amazon, this is handled by domectic company, Rakuten for over 20 years.
Actually I purchased so many items such as food, clothes, PC parts, CDs, DVDs and GUNPLAs. 🙂

In some shops, you can find nice GUNPLAs. Let me show your one.

Here, Click “楽天市場” and you can find the item in Rakuten.

In Rakuten ichiba some shops support English so you can search your favorite one. But for short cut, please use this word, “ガンプラ” or mobile suit model number.

Also you can search Robot Tamashii or other items. Sorry to say, you cannot find some special ones which you can purchase only in premium Bandai. You can go to Premium Bandai site to search.

Please note this site is available only for the person living in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, or North America.

The problem to send GUNPLA to your home

The most important issue is that almost Rakuten shops do not support sending items overseas.
That is why you are very hard to use Rakuten ec site.

Here is a good solution.

Rakuten Global Service

Rakuten Global Service

Rakuten Global Express

Please refer this site and then, you can use this ec site as if you are living in Japan.

To do this, register the Rakuten Ichiba by this link. The address of you in Japan is provided by the service above.

How to shop at Rakuten Ichiba Manual

Then, search items you want. After that when you pay and ask the Rakuten service to deliver to your home.

For Chinese people, refer following sites.

ZN-TW page

Enjoy your shopping!


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